Green Blue Vibe

Yes. Finally another baby is born! A personal project with a really good friend (Hello Franky!). Green Blue Vibe Tours is me wanting to share how traveling has to be done.

Green Blue Vibe Inc. is a newly established X-Tour company by a wandering Morigan Jah and a entrepreneur Dreamer Franky. As young professionals who love to travel, we would like to share the experience that we have in our not so familiar vibe. We bring experience, the vibe …. because we believe that this is what we are born to do.

Here what we want to do:

Provide different product line that serves every soul that yearns for a break from daily routine. We got new product concepts to cater the vibe your squad wants to experience.

XTours (Experiential Tours)
Foodie Tours
Historical Tours
Sunset Tours
Special Moments Tours
Team Building (with experienced facilitators on community organizing and project management team)

It is still me writing on the site, so I do not want to by-pass the official description, so why don’t you click the link to the company site? To know more about Green Blue Vibe tours, you can comment here or also email us at



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