Here is one of the 7107 Islands in the Philippines – Mambacayao Island

Courtesy of Balay Kinabuhi and Carmelites of Old Escalante, Negros Occidental, I got to see Mambacayao Island, Bantayan Group of Islands, Cebu. It takes 2 hours boat ride to get there if you are coming from Old Escalante. No, there is no direct boat coming to that area.

This is not a tourist destination by luxury. However, it is comparable to other world class destination by pleasure. The crystal blue waters, the ‘fresh’ seafoods and warm people. The island is small. You can go around the place within 20 minutes.

The waters – As soon as I stepped into the beach, I splurged directly to the water. It is not by accident. It is just that inviting. You have the beach. All by the development team that we volunteered with. I can explain some more. It is just plain beautiful, no majestic!

The fresh seafood – Ever since I came to this island, the meaning of fresh has changed. It is technically seeing it being harvested from the sea. I had the best scallops in my life in this island.

We were in the island April 2014 to help in organizing the community’s livelihood. We would like to introduce other sources of income rather than fishing, which are most of the time falls to using of dynamite. We are currently working on marketing the Display Products of the Women of Mambacayao.  If you are in anyway interested in helping out this community, feel free to leave a message below.

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