Anini-Y, Antique

Kalachuchi walk at Nogas Island

Kalachuchi walk at Nogas Island

It was one lovely weekend. Anini-Y, Antique is just 2 hours away from Iloilo City. However, since this is a not so planned trip we did not checked out the schedule of the bus that pass by Anini-Y, Antique. Our alternative is taking a van from Molo Terminal to the drop-off point to Dao aka Tobias Fornier. We paid 100Php which I know is overpriced. At the crossroad to San Jose and Dao, we waited for a PUJ with San Hose – Anini-Y – Casay Route. The fare should be 30Php each person. It will drop you at the Anini-Y Hot Spring Resort.

The resort attendants are really friendly. I believe, Antiqueno’s are one of the most friendly people in this planet. The front desk offered us an airconditioned room good for 4 people – 1000Php and a fan room good for 4 people – 600Php. We took the fan room which saved us from the noisy airconditioned rooms location. Fan rooms are beach front, which completes the vacation. Rides to Nogas Island is right infront of our cottage.

Nogas Island

photoOverlooking the Islandnogas islandNogas Island Lighthouse

Since we do not want to experience excruciating heat of the morning, we went to Nogas Island at 3PM. We paid 500Php. The boat and its rental price is good for 10 people. Whew!!! You can bring the whole gang and have beer – day party at the island.

The island is most famous of its kalachuchi road which looks both haunted and romantic for me. It looks like a setting for the Headless Ghost Rider. The road leads to the island’s lighthouse. I can not speak more. The picture is exhilarating as much as it is in person.

San Juan de Nepomuceno Parish Church

san juan de nepomuceno church

Church tour was not part of the trip. We passed by the church going to the resort on the first day. So it was a blessing taking the longer route to the hotspring. If we took the Tiolas route, we will not be able to see this simple and comely church. Simply beautiful! The church is a 1600s coral walled infrastructure. The altar is not as elaborative as other bigger churches around the island. However, it had me on its column details. Also, right at the back of the church is a view of Nogas Island and its Lighthouse Tower.

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  1. It’s Tobias Fornier not Thomas Fonacier 🙂

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