Bucari, Leon

Bucari, Leon is one of those magickal places in Iloilo. I visited this place 4 years ago during the urge to dip to a falls. I was graduating in college then. With a little budget at hand, Leon which is roughly an hour from Iloilo City was the best and most feasible place to get myself on a backpack trip.

Overlooking Aqua Colina  Tabionan Leon Camp Site

Leon is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Located in the west – southwest of Iloilo Province and it is 28km from Iloilo City. For Ilonggos, the municipality is a fresh vegetables producer. It’s below average temperature allows brocoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, sayote, cucumber among others to thrive. Cut flowers such as roses, daisies, mumps also grow in the beautiful pine-rich Leon. It is also worth noting that the road to upland Leon, Iloilo has a great view of wild sunflowers.

Public Transportation:

Get yourself a public utility van at Jaro Public Market for 30Php. The van will bring you to Leon Town Center in 45mins max. You may ask around for a ride to get you to Bucari jeepney terminal. The fare from the town center to Bucari will cost you 30Php and it will take around an hour. There are enroute rides untill 4PM however there motorcycles that are for hire in the area. It cost around P150.00 one way. If you are a seasoned traveler, you will definitely be able to negotiate for a lower price.

Where to go:


Pineridge Bucari

Garden  overlooking the rest of mountainous Leon.

Garden overlooking the rest of mountainous Leon.

Great view at the second floor.

Great view at the second floor.

Pineride Bucari Spa and Resort – It is a small developing upland resort. It overlooks to the majestick cloud shaded mountains. It sees vegeatable plantations and rice terraces. Yes! Leon has its own terraces. No need to hike to Benguet in the Northern Province. The icy breeze plus full sunshine will definitely make a happy day.

FYI: You must have a reservation to enjoy the resort or else you will not see anyone on the resort. Entrance is 150Php inclusive of native coffee and dessert. If you want to stay overnight, there are rooms good for 6 pax for 1k per head. Pricey? You can have a cheaper option to stay at the Tabionan Inn for 600Php.

Contact Number – 320-0977 ( I am not sure if this is still functional).

Tabionan Camp Site – The camp site is no longer free. If you have your tent, the space is P100.oo. Tent rental is P300. There are also picnic huts that range P100 – P300. They also have a room accommodation worth P1500 for those who could not take the cold while on tents. Water is potable in the campsite. I think it such a relief. Food stalls are now accessible. There are quite a few right outside the campsite.


Tabionan Campsite. Photo Courtesy of Christian Lozanes

tabionan bucari leon

Tabionan Campsite. Photo Courtesy of Christian Lozanes

Imuy Falls – The falls has been ravished on the onset of Bagyo Frank last 2008. It has never returned to its virginal beauty ever since. However, the water from the falls is still as refreshing. Several local tourist, especially people of Leon, visits Imuy Falls. (Pictures taken last 2008 during my first visit)

imuy falls leon 2008 imuy falls leon 1_455142495l


Bucari Viewing Deck – Must see in the area. It will give you a good view of all of Leon, Iloilo City and the sea. It’s way is right across Tabionan Campsite. Look for the markers for the way.

Bucari Viewing Deck. Photo Courtesy of Christian Lozanes

Bucari Viewing Deck. Photo Courtesy of Christian Lozanes

Tabionan Camp site Viewing Deck Bucari

“Eto na po ang bagong #hugot” location in Iloilo. Tabionan Campsite. Photo Courtesy of Christian Lozanes

The Best of Upland Leon:

Vegetables – If you are a vegan, you will love this place. Imagine small scale farmers who grows vegetables as your neighbors. They sell their produce for a cheap price.

Carrots – P20.00/Kilo
Cucumber – P13.00/Kilo
Papaya – P10.00/Kilo

Weather – There is this place in Leon that they call “Sinco plete pa-langit” (translation: 5 cents fare to heaven). The area is the highest peak in the locality. It touches the clouds and you are almost in heaven. The weather is definitely beyond expectation. During first quarter of the year, the temperature touches 10 degrees celsius.

Flowers – Cut flowers are best in these locale. Tourist may enjoy the beautiful roadsides with wild sunflowers. It will definitely brighten your day. Though cut flower business is not that popular in the area, it will certainly be a good venture. Roses, white Lilies, Million flowers etc. may be seen growing beautifully at then neighborhoods garden.


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23 thoughts on “Bucari, Leon

  1. rustum baradas on said:

    great!! cant wait to visit our own beautiful place in iloilo .

  2. Steven on said:

    Hi~ I plan to visit Bucari for a day trip. May I ask if I only want to see the rice terraces (not the waterfall), can I see it on the jeepney from Leon to Bucari? Or do I need to hike for 1-2 hours in order to see the rice terraces?

    • Hi,

      No need to hike if your intention is just to see the terraces. Ask the jeepney driver to bring you to the high school because this is visible there. 🙂 hope it helps..

      • Steven on said:

        Because I came from Taiwan, I am not familiar with Leon. Do you know where is the terminal on the hill?

        Do you mean I can take the jeepney from Leon to Bucari, and then take back the same jeepney returning Leon?

      • Hi,

        Just go to the vegetable drop off point. Public utility vehicles are just standby there. Be sure to leave as early as 2pm because some do not want to be rented after.

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. hi.. i just want to know if there is an entrance fee when you go to their Imoy Falls? are you allowed to bring foods also? thank you

  4. Jan Leslie Hope Jara on said:

    Hi! Is Tabionan Camp Site available for the Holy Week of this year 2014? Is there any website I can visit to see the facilities and tariff of the area? Thanks!

    • Hello,

      This is cool. Is jara your surname? Anyway, this is not really a commercial space. We were not charged when we stayed at the campsite. You will be just though to write your names at the Barangay logbook.

      The bobon falls though is maintained privately. You will be charged 20php.

  5. Meron po bang tent for rent sa Tabionan Camp Site magkano po per tent at capacity? Meron rin bang cheap na accomodations?

  6. Marimar on said:

    Hi, is the rent tent available for overnight? And in tabionan inn, 600php per person?

    • Yes. Tents are available for overnight. Should be 300-350 pesos and can accommodate 2-3 person. There is one modest room in the campsite worth 1500. It is in case one was not ready for the Bucari weather. The inn is actually at the high school and not in the campsite itself.

  7. Magkano po ba Ang pamasahe papuntang bucari? Pwde bang magdala ngfood sa campsite at my entrance fee po ba? Hanggang anung oras yung mga jeep pumapasada pauwing Iloilo?

  8. anne on said:

    pwede bang magbonfire sa campsite?

  9. DrumVic on said:

    Tanong ko lang po kung meron bang tour guide dito?? Saka magkano yung bayad kung meron??

    • Hi! No need for tourguide since all area has proper signage. If moving from one point to another, you can hire a motor cycle (which is not very frequent to randomly pass by). Hope this works🕹

  10. Hi, good morning. .. ask ko lang sana kung magkano ang entrance fee… kung ok lng po ba magdala ng foods..thanks po

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